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Signs You May Need to Go to Rehab

Many people think of drug rehab as a place to admit defeat, but it’s not that at all. It’s the middle ground between medical care and outpatient treatment, providing tools and support for those who possibly need a helping hand to break free from the grasp of drugs and alcohol.

However, it’s not always easy to know whether you need drug rehab or not. You may feel like your problem isn’t severe enough, or that you can help yourself without professional assistance. Here are a few tell-tale signs that drug rehab, in fact, could be the right move for you.

You Put Drugs Before Anything Else

If you are beginning to make drugs your primary focus and priority, then rehab could be a sensible solution for you. You might be starting to do everything for your next drink, smoke, or hit, and your favourite hobbies and activities could also be taking a backseat. Even loved ones may end up coming off second-best to your drugs. At this point, drug rehab is not only an option but a necessity to get you back on track and in the driver’s seat.

Your Physical and Mental Health is Suffering

Drugs can affect both your body and mind – in the short term and long term. If you identify unwanted behaviour or body changes that are a direct result of drug use, then rehab facilities can help. There are trained medical staff at drug rehab centres that focus on both aspects of your health.

You Are Tolerant to Your Drug of Choice

Most drug users you talk to will all agree that the first time they got high or drunk was the best. Their body was new to the experience, and the effects were intense. As time goes by, however, it can take more and more of your drug of choice to feel the same impact. This is known as tolerance.

The more drugs or alcohol you take, however, the higher your risk of overdose. If you are at this point, or even close, drug rehab is crucial sooner rather than later. Delaying could end up being fatal.

You Haven’t Been Able to Quit

Those with a drug or alcohol addiction may have already realised its devastating impact and tried to quit. However, it can be hard to do on your own. If you book into a drug rehab facility, you have a better chance of getting clean and staying clean. You receive treatment during the length of your stay, as well as ongoing support once you leave.

It’s not easy to admit that you might need to go to drug rehab, but it’s an excellent first step to take once you do. If drugs or alcohol are taking over your life, then the time to act is now.