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How To Maximise Your Physiotherapy Business's Results From Google Ads

How To Maximise Your Physiotherapy Business’s Results From Google Ads

Unless your physiotherapy website has traffic landing on it every day, no matter how well designed it is, there will be  no positive impact on your business. As the digital marketing experts at www.slinkydigital.com.au explain, there is a way to generate traffic that is almost instantaneous in terms of results and that is online paid advertising and in particular Google Ads.

Apart from the instant traffic, Google Ads has many other benefits which include the volume of traffic it can generate, it attracts traffic from multiple online sources, and you are able to set up campaigns that fit perfectly within the budget you have available for digital marketing.

However, as with any kind of digital marketing, there are right ways and wrong ways in which you can set up and run a Google Ads campaign. The downside of doing it the wrong way is that your return on your investment is minimised, but if you do it the right way, the results, and that ROI, can be maximised.

To help you understand how a Google Ads campaign can be optimised, here are 5 simple tips which you can apply to a Google Ads campaign that improves the results and the returns.

#1 Research Your Competition

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but instead of imitating and flattering your competition, you should seek to beat them. By that, we mean researching what sorts of ads your local competition is running and then creating ads that utilise the best elements of those ads. Obviously do not copy them exactly but seek to emulate them and improve upon them.

#2 Carry Out Comprehensive Keyword Research

We should have has this at #1 such is its importance, however, you might find several great keywords by analysing your competition’s ads, so start there. Beyond that think about the sorts of words people use when they are looking for a physiotherapist or physiotherapy business, and also any words relating to sub-categories of physiotherapy such as electrotherapy, cryotherapy, heat therapy, and so on.

#3 Target Location Keywords

We assume you have a physiotherapy business that has a physical location, and so you will want to include in the list of keywords within your Google Ads campaign, locator keywords. These are the names of the local areas and suburbs where your clients are living and working. When searching, they are likely to include their location and if you are targeting these locations in your Google Ads campaign, then your ad should appear before competitors who have not.

#4 Double And Triple Check Your Ad Text

With this, you are first of all checking that the spelling and grammar in your ad are 100%. It does not look good to a potential client if you misspell simple words. Beyond this, you want to check the copy within the ad and whether it is likely to generate the response you are looking for. Does it hook the prospect immediately? Does it inspire them to take action? You have limited words available in a Google ad so make sure every one of them works.

#5 Keep Testing

No ad ever converts 100%, so your mission should be to improve your ad for as long as it is live. You can test everything including each individual word so make a change, see if it improves conversion, then try changing another word. You must be methodical, but improving conversion by just 0.5% each time will cumulatively add up to a huge return on your investment