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Racial Discrimination

Dealing With the Mental Health Effects of Racial Discrimination

Unfortunately, racial discrimination is a major issue throughout Australia and the rest of the world. Although many people don’t realise it, racism is still a very major problem in workplaces and social settings across our country, and it can have serious and far-reaching consequences.

One of the major consequences of racial discrimination in the workplace is deteriorated mental health. Illnesses such as anxiety and depression are common, and many sufferers also experience lower self-confidence and belief in themselves.

Because of this, we’ve put together the following list of ways to improve your mental health. Maintain a positive state of mind and don’t let racial discrimination by taking advantage of the following:

*Remember, racial discrimination is illegal and should be reported to the relevant authorities and seek legal advice if necessary. Never ignore it, especially if it’s having a negative impact on your life.

Consider Meditation

Meditation is a well-known strategy for relieving stress and anxiety. When completed properly, meditating can help you forget about all the nasty things going on in your life, allowing you to focus instead on your long-term goals and aims.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Many psychologists recommend some sort of relaxation techniques for those suffering from low self-esteem and damaged confidence. Things like deep breathing, meditating, and even just sitting and concentrating on something for a while can help you relax, relieving the symptoms of numerous mental health problems.

Speak With a Mental Health Professional

It’s a good idea to chat with a mental health professional if things like racial discrimination are getting you down. Don’t just sit back and accept things blindly. Instead, take the plunge and accept help from someone who knows what they’re dealing with.

Exercise Regularly

A lot of people don’t realise just how important exercise is when it comes to combatting poor mental health. If you’re suffering because of racial discrimination in the workplace or elsewhere, consider taking up some form of exercise.

For example, a lot of people run or walk regularly. This releases stress-relieving endorphins, helping you overcome stress, depression, and anxiety. Exposure to sunlight also helps, and everyone knows that getting out and spending time in nature is good for your head.

Practice Positive Thinking

Many of the most powerful techniques for boosting mental health and wellbeing come from inside yourself. For example, one thing you can do to decrease anxiety and overcome stressful situations is to practice positive thought.

Set aside a few minutes at regular intervals throughout the day. At these times, sit down and practice thinking about something positive. Rather than thinking “I did so bad, I totally flunked that” think “Oh well, I gave it my best shot, and I’ll improve next time”.


Mental health is no laughing matter, and dealing with illnesses caused by things like racial discrimination can be difficult. The five tips in this article should help you overcome your demons. However, make sure you always report discrimination and racism to your superiors and/or the relevant authorities. It doesn’t have a place in today’s world, and it’s up to us to stamp it out.