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ADL Health Pty Ltd (ADL) is a locally owned family business, established in Townsville to meet the needs of North Queensland’s hospitals, nursing homes, prescribers, those experiencing some level of disability (permanent or temporary) as well as the needs of their carers. Servicing the geographical region of Mackay through to the Gulf, ADL supplies general medical equipment, continence support products, mobility, daily living aids and rehabilitation equipment.

Stock is sourced through numerous agency/distributor arrangements (over 30) via various suppliers. This wide range of suppliers maximizes the savings that can be achieved in both wait times for equipment and price due to the variety of choice in supply. Additionally ADL provides the local interface negating dealing with companies from Brisbane or out of state.

If shopping around for a particular item or for the best price on an item, individuals or organisations are encouraged to contact us for an obligation free quote. ADL aims to provide a quality service with a commitment to returning all calls promptly. Please feel free to contact us regarding any enquiry or request.