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7 Ways You Can Help A Family Member Through Drug Rehab

When someone with a drug addiction goes through drug rehabilitation, they will depend on the help, support, and care provided by those working for or in the drug rehab facility. This will include drug rehab specialists, drug counsellors, and other health support staff.

However, another group of people will play a significant role in the person’s journey towards ending their drug addiction: their family. Whether that consists of just a single person or several family members, if you speak to anyone who has beaten drug addiction, they will confirm they could not have succeeded without the love and support of their family.

Now, we hope anyone reading this has no one in their family addicted to drugs. However, if that were the current or future reality, would you know how to help that family member rid themselves of drug addiction? If yes, we salute you, but if not, we would first say that you are likely to be in the majority.

In truth, very few people would know what to do if they discovered a family member was addicted to drugs simply because it is a subject that is rarely discussed. What you must not do is feel guilty at not knowing the information we referred to; plus, much of what you need to learn to support your loved one is available to learn. To prove that point, we have seven ways in which you can help and support a family member who is trying to beat their drug addiction via drug rehab.

Support Them In Attending Treatment, Therapy, Counselling, And Peer Group Appointments And Meetings

Your loved one’s drug rehab will likely entail them having appointments for treatment, therapy and counselling, and peer group support meetings. Ensure they attend all of these, including adjusting your schedule to drive them there if necessary.

Be Available To Talk With Them At All Times

Often the support someone needs when going through drug rehab is as simple as a friendly chat to make them feel better or to take their mind off drugs. As such, ensure that they know you are available whenever they need to talk and encourage other family members to be likewise available for them.

Discourage Them From Associating With Friends Who Still Take Drugs

Anything that reminds your family member of their dug addicted past must be avoided. That is why we strongly recommend that you discourage contact with friends that were part of their drug-addicted life, especially if those same people are still taking drugs. Also, be aware that peer pressure is a massive risk for something trying to kick drugs.

Provide Them With Positive Reassurance, Often

This is one of the more straightforward ways to support your loved one as they go through drug rehab. We suggest that you regularly reassure them that they are on the right path and that, whilst there might be the occasional challenge, you fully believe in them.

Avoid Family Rows And Friction

Family rows are part and parcel of living under one roof. However, we advise you to speak to all your family and request that they do their utmost to avoid rows and squabbles whilst their loved one is going through drug rehab so that their stress levels stay as low as possible.

Encourage Healthy And Fun Family Activities

Positive distractions are essential during rehab, so you should seek as many opportunities for you and your family to share fun activities inside and outside the home. The options are endless, but ideally, choose activities you know the person going through drug rehab enjoys.

Be Aware Of The Potential Relapse Indicators

Drug rehab is not without its setbacks, so to avoid them with your loved one, educate yourself on the signs that they might be about to relapse. Each individual may behave differently, but no one knows your family member better than you, so remain vigilant.