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7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Echinacea

Traditionally used to help prevent colds, reduce the duration of colds & support your immunity, Echinacea is one of the most popular herbs used all year round.

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About Echinacea

1. Echinacea is native to America & Canada & has been used by the American Indians for over 400 years.

2. Echinacea is also known as the Coneflower or Black-eyed Susan.

3. There are 9 species of Echinacea & the flowers, leaves, stems & roots are used to make herbal tinctures & remedies. Research indicates that the parts of the plant that grows above ground tends to be the most effective in supporting immunity.


7 Ways You Can Help A Family Member Through Drug Rehab

When someone with a drug addiction goes through drug rehabilitation, they will depend on the help, support, and care provided by those working for or in the drug rehab facility. This will include drug rehab specialists, drug counsellors, and other health support staff.

However, another group of people will play a significant role in the person’s journey towards ending their drug addiction: their family. Whether that consists of just a single person or several family members, if you speak to anyone who has beaten drug addiction, they will confirm they could not have succeeded without the love and support of their family.

Now, we hope anyone reading this has no one in their family addicted to drugs. However, if that were the current or future reality, would you know how to help that family member rid themselves of drug addiction? If yes, we salute you, but if not, we would first say that you are likely to be in the majority.

In truth, very few people would know what to do if they discovered a family member was addicted to drugs simply because it is a subject that is rarely discussed. What you must not do is feel guilty at not knowing the information we referred to; plus, much of what you need to learn to support your loved one is available to learn. To prove that point, we have seven ways in which you can help and support a family member who is trying to beat their drug addiction via drug rehab.


Your Laser Eye Surgery Recovery Timeline

One of the most common questions that patients ask their consultant concerning laser eye surgery is what happens during the recovery process. In truth, this will differ slightly between each patient depending on their age, the condition of their eyes, and their overall health. However, experience and feedback from those who have had laser eye surgery provide a general timeline that a laser eye surgery patient can expect to follow as they recover.

Immediately After Opening Eyes

Many laser eye surgery patients are amazed that the second they open their eyes they can see an immediate improvement in their vision. Some even become emotional at seeing clearly without glasses or contact lenses for the first time in years. That being said, there may be some minor fogginess which is why you should never drive yourself following laser eye surgery. In most cases, vision becomes completely clear within a few hours.


How to Clean Your Engagement Ring 

An engagement ring will most likely be one of the most valuable pieces of jewellery you own. Just as you would take care of a precious car you own with regular cleaning, you would do the same with an engagement ring.

The problem is because every ring is different, you may not know which approach to take to keep your ring in tip-top shape. You can ask your jewellers and continue reading for some tips on how to clean your engagement ring. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is once you identify the right method for you.

Cleaning a Silver or Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
If you have a silver or gold diamond engagement ring, then there are a few ingredients to pick up from the supermarket. You’ll need hydrogen peroxide and a gentle glass cleaning product. Mix a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and glass cleaner in a bowl.


How Long Should You Expect Your Dental Implants To Last?

How Long Should You Expect Your Dental Implants To Last?

While the primary benefit of dental implants is most commonly thought of as them being able to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth, there are other benefits to having dental implants fitted. These include that they are comfortable, they can promote a healthy jawbone, and they can also reverse issues that may have occurred with regards to facial appearance and speech.

Another benefit we have not yet mentioned is the fact that dental implants are extremely durable, and as such a patient who has dental implants fitted today, can expect them to last them for many years. However, although the title of this article poses the question, ‘How Long Should You Expect Your Dental Implants To Last?’ it is almost impossible to answer it with any certainty or accuracy.

We are not trying to cop out by saying that, but rather, we are merely pointing out that the length of time dental implant will last for anyone individual is something which will have a multiplicity of influences and an almost infinite number of possibilities. This can range from less than a year if all of the worst scenarios occur, to over 20 years, if everything positive falls into place.

In order to help you to understand why we place such a broad timescale upon the question of dental implant longevity, here are just some of the influences and circumstances that might come into play.


Top 4 Uses of Castile Soap

Top 4 Uses of Castile Soap

Castile soap has been around since the 1600’s & has been a household staple in Europe since that time. The soap is named after the Spanish region of Castile where olive oil was abundant & the term was created in English speaking countries to describe an olive oil based soap. Castile soap is a natural plant based biodegradable soap which can contain a blend of olive, coconut, hemp or jojoba oils plus water & essential oils for fragrance. Because of its gentle nature castile soap is great for those with sensitive skin & is very versatile as it contains no harsh chemicals found in cheap supermarket soap brands such as formaldehyde, parabens & PEGs, or any animal products such as tallow (rendered beef fat) or lard (rendered port fat).

Top 4 Uses of Castile Soap

1. Full Body Wash: Castile can be used from head to toe – from shampooing hair, facial cleanser or hand & body wash. Castile can also be used for shaving – use about 10 drops & lather in wet hands & apply to face, underarms or legs. And if you’re not afraid of having your mouth washed out in soap (!) add 1 drop of castile soap to a teaspoon of coconut oil & brush your teeth (yes really).


How To Maximise Your Physiotherapy Business's Results From Google Ads

How To Maximise Your Physiotherapy Business’s Results From Google Ads

Unless your physiotherapy website has traffic landing on it every day, no matter how well designed it is, there will be  no positive impact on your business. As the digital marketing experts at www.slinkydigital.com.au explain, there is a way to generate traffic that is almost instantaneous in terms of results and that is online paid advertising and in particular Google Ads.

Apart from the instant traffic, Google Ads has many other benefits which include the volume of traffic it can generate, it attracts traffic from multiple online sources, and you are able to set up campaigns that fit perfectly within the budget you have available for digital marketing.

However, as with any kind of digital marketing, there are right ways and wrong ways in which you can set up and run a Google Ads campaign. The downside of doing it the wrong way is that your return on your investment is minimised, but if you do it the right way, the results, and that ROI, can be maximised.

To help you understand how a Google Ads campaign can be optimised, here are 5 simple tips which you can apply to a Google Ads campaign that improves the results and the returns.

#1 Research Your Competition

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but instead of imitating and flattering your competition, you should seek to beat them. By that, we mean researching what sorts of ads your local competition is running and then creating ads that utilise the best elements of those ads. Obviously do not copy them exactly but seek to emulate them and improve upon them.


Finding Fabric: Which Waist Trainer Material Works Best? 

Finding Fabric: Which Waist Trainer Material Works Best? 

There are a lot of waist trainers on the market, which goes to show just how popular they are for those looking to improve their workout sessions. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to find the best waist trainer for your needs

One of the most important things to look at before buying new waist trainers is the fabric. Not every waist trainer is of the best quality, not does it have superior materials that allow for the most beneficial use. So, what is the best fabric for a waist trainer? Read on to find out some of the options.


Latex is in everything – from medical and dental products to children’s items, clothing, office supplies, household items, and more. It wouldn’t be used nearly as much if it weren’t a quality product. Some of the best waist trainers on the market contain latex, and for good reasons.

It’s durable, provides a superior amount of compression, and it’s easy to clean. When you combine it with another excellent material, like stretchy cotton, for example, it can be both practical and comfortable for exercise.


Yellow Teeth

These Foods Could Be Causing Yellow Teeth

Not everyone is blessed with a set of gleaming, pearly whites. Ask your dentist and they will tell you that your genetics and enamel type can dictate just how white or yellow your teeth are.

However, what can also contribute to yellow teeth is the food that enhance energy and you eat. Are some foods worse than others? As it turns out, yes. The following food types may contribute to teeth staining.


Berries are a natural source of antioxidants. They are also delicious, nutritious, and versatile. But they are also the cause of yellowing teeth. The same antioxidants that have health benefits can also cause staining on your teeth.


Curry is a delicious and versatile meal option. However, given the intense flavours and colours from the use of spices, it can lead to teeth yellowing. Consider rinsing your mouth and brushing your teeth after eating curry for lunch or dinner.


Best Food to Improve Your Energy Levels

Best Food to Improve Your Energy Levels

You may know you need to exercise and work on your fitness, but do you have the energy? Sometimes, it’s just not there to do anything other than what you need to get through the day. Fortunately, you don’t need to scull a cup of coffee or drink a can of energy drink to improve your energy levels. You just need to include the following into your diet more often.

Fatty Fish

Not only is fatty fish like tuna and salmon delicious, but it can assist with giving you that much-needed energy boost you’ve been lacking. Fatty fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, and these can reduce inflammation that causes fatigue. Some studies even showed that it could decrease fatigue in those suffering and recovering from cancer.

But the benefits of fatty fish don’t end there. Due to the abundance of B vitamins, the fish can aid your body in producing red blood cells and assist with better use of your iron. As a result, you may notice less fatigue and more energy.

Dark Chocolate

We’re always looking for excuses to eat chocolate, and improving your energy levels is one. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa than milk chocolate and antioxidants. These can improve blood flow in your body, which can then assist in delivering oxygen to your brain and muscles. During exercise, this can be quite helpful.